New rhythms, New patterns

If life at your house is anything like mine, we're (desperately) trying to find new rhythms, new patterns, new "this is working for now" moments. But I'll tell you one thing for sure - my kids have spent more time running in "the wild" than they normally do, and for that I am really, truly grateful.

They've been forced to use their own imaginations, looked up millions of how-to videos on YouTube, taken hikes where there is (miraculously) no whining, and have gotten generally, really dirty! And for that, I guess, I'll call these last few months a win...or at least a draw...or at least not a complete failure! Why don't we all insert parenting-fist bumps here!

I'd love to see pics of you and your families finding ways to make it through these last few months! Please share them with us and let us know if it's ok to re-post!