What size are my kids feet?

Wondering how to measure the size of your kids feet whilst sheltering in place? Check our our handy guide to help you. 

Once you've followed these steps head over to our 'What's My Size?' page and we'll be happy to help you figure this out. 

We're a family business.

We like cool shoes.

We like unique clothes.

We like cute gifts. 

We like to support small businesses.

We like to support the community.

We think community is what makes the world go 'round.

We like things that support our children's growing bodies

We like sales people who get kids and know what they're talking about.


At GoldenBug we think that finding the right fitting shoes for your kids and clothing companies that are thoughtful about design and their impact on the world and important.

Here's a list of the brands that we love and we know that you'll love them too!

Some of these brand you'll find here on our online store, others are only available at our stores in Oakland and Berkeley. If there is something you are looking for but it's not present here online, please get in touch as we take an order over the phone and ship it to you directly. 

Image of GoldenBug Berkeley store with yellow circle banner saying '2 East Bay Locations Oakland Berkeley'