Tsukihoshi Kids Shoes

When I say, “Tsukihoshi”, I typically get one of two responses:

  1.  We LOVE Tsukihoshi- my children have worn them for years!
  2. I’ve never heard of that brand!

If you fall in the 2nd camp, lemme just say a little something here. At GoldenBug, we LOOOOVE Tskukihoshi. In fact, my small-ish Mommy-sized foot can wear the biggest Tsukihoshi sizes so I can tell you first-hand that they are “super-dee-duper-dee comfy” (to paraphrase a pre-schooler I know!) Dare I say that I feel like I’m walking on marshmallows?!


So, ok, these shoes come in all the bright, amazing colors that kids are drawn to, AND they’re washable. They’re super flexible at the ball of the foot (right where we like the flexibility), and offer nice structure throughout the shoe. They have nice, wide toe-boxes for that important wiggle-room too. I especially love that there are shoe styles for all the age ranges. Thinner, more flexible soles for the Littles, as well as shoes with great durability, and grippy-soles for the Big Kids. Plus, the velcro makes them so easy to get on and off. When it comes to kids shoes, easy, easy, easy...makes makes me dance and sing.


Would it be going too far to say that Tsukihoshi has my heart?